I've got an excellent condition Orange AD30TC 2x12 Combo w/ATA road case for sale. Foot-switch included! I must sell this amp to fund the purchase of another.

This amp is loaded with 4 Ei EL-84's in the power section, an Ei, JJ, and 2 Golden Dragon 12ax7's in the preamp section, and a JJ GZ34. Speakers are Celestion Vintage 30s, very nicely broken in. The first channel goes from clean to crunch and the dirty channel goes from clean to CRUNCH. It is versatile in terms of what it can cover; it's dynamcally responsive and also responds well to the volume knob on your guitar. Great with humbuckers AND single coils, with little tweaking needed in between.

The road case was purchased on ebay from Angstrom Cases, and has done it's job very well. 4 inch casters with wheel locks on the rear two.

Asking $1550 Shipped (buyer pays half), M.O. are fine, add 3% for paypal. I will not sell the amp and case separately (safest shipping ever). You can hear this amp in action at my bands site: www.myspace.com/adelphi .email me if interested: ryanadelphi@gmail.com

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Oh God.

How bad do you want to get rid of this amp? / Are you willing to lower the price?
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Nice amp man! I was checking out your Myspace, I really like the sound of your band! You guys have a good vibe goin'!

Keep up the good work.

P.S. I would love to buy your amp, but all I could offer is a trade - BC Rich Warlock and Behringer GMX212 amp. hehe! Sorry!!!! I'm poor


Also, is there somewhere I could download a few of your songs?
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Omg, that's a beautiful amp!

Btw, what amp were you looking at? Great price you're putting it at too! I could use a case .
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Why O Why Would U Want To Get Rid Of That
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its a wonderful amp, I'm just after a different clean tone. the crunch is to die for, though...

thanks for the kind words!
What amp are you getting to replace that? I would assume you're not up for any trades then?
Willing to trade?

I offer my left nut.
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