Strangely those cat looking things gave me an erection. great job. Now i gotta go walk it off.
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dying hurts

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it IS a nice pussy
that significantly helped my life
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Because there is a bomb in the lasagna!

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make loud howling noises and throw your feces at them whenever they bring it up, I suggest that your GF does the same.
I always thought that baby cats were cute, but once they get older they're all boring and they suck. Baby dogs are also cute, but they're still fun when they get older.
^ damn beat me to it!!!

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Tasty...seriously I love kitten stew.

....ummm, right.
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Tasty...seriously I love kitten stew.

Clubbed kitten stew is even tastier. Clubbed baby seal is not bad either.
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Looking at that cat made me hungry.

Say I can make a mean kitten stew...If your free anytime...
that bastard shoved his cat in a shoe! dont tell me he climbed in there by himself.. .bs.. what if someone went to put it on!!!?
I dont know...

Lets talk about the weather!

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Wait, I had an idea other than killing and skull fucking? What's up with me today...
I've already got a boner.
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ok...s|1solo762 has the best avatar in the history of existance.

its so awesome it broke my brain...
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I love you Joel
Common with the nature of the threadstarters joke...


<guest_61> You got toys?
<Jim232> Hey there
<guest_01> Ur hot babes
<hot_pussy_24> Hey Jim, wanna go private?
<guest_11> Show tits
<guest_11> plz
crap! i was hoping for a boner
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lol, so i got a boner this one time and i was watching tv, so i decided to hump the little crack between the two cushions of the couch. yeah.


kittens are overrated, i dont know how everyone loves these kind of videos or the "im in ur computer eatin your stufz" pics, i think they're LAME
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dogs > cats

cats are very cute at that age, and depend on you, but when they get above the age of fluff they get independent and want nothing to do with you except when they come beg for food.

dogs on the otherhand, cute as puppies, and when they grow up still fun and good friends