So if I got the money i was thinking about a seven string guitar for their low ends. Would it be worth it or not? I knoww bands like Korn and Crossfade use them. And what are some good models? thx
7 strings own, for a lot of reasons. Awesome low riffs without de-tuning, 7 string arpeggios, extended chording possibilities, and I think they sound better in general, maybe because of the extra wood in the neck.

Try Vigier. The 7 String Supras are in a word, perfect.
i know the vigier is good, i use an ibanez rg1527, the schecter hellraisers are known to be really freakin good too

you can use them for a lot of things, check into nevermores playing, i dont wanna sound mean or anything, but, well, theyre a lot better at playing a 7 string than korn is

you can do some crazy split voicing chords, where you have the bass line and guitar chords going at once just on one guitar, yes its heavier, i warn you though, if you do buy one, dont hang the guitar real low, i let a lot of strap out when i first had it, and my wrist is still recovering

you can change a lot of chords, and a lot of ways to play things with it, it opens up a lot of possibilities

just dont buy it because it 'goes lower'....
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