As I was poking around Guitar Center looking for a new strat, I noticed almost every single strat (including most of the American strats) had either very or somewhat sharp frets. I then ran my hand along the neck of the cheapest Epiphones and Gibsons and all their frets were smooth as butter. One of the employees stated that they can't control the humidity in the main room of the store, and that causes some of the necks to change and the frets to stick out a bit. While I believe that is true to a small extent, I still can;t get past why all the strat frets are sharp! I'm dissappointed in Fender.
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I'm of the opinion that Fender QC is at about the same level as Gibson's .

Of course, Guitar Center does have a habit of crappifying their guitars.
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hate strats....they are emo guitars...they cut you when you slide up and down

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The binding might have something to do with it. I like the fender neck. I think it could be a bit thinner, but i like it, and i think the frets are fine. The frets on gibson and fender are just different. maybe its that gibson frets are so large that the sharpness seems less.
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hmmm i've never noticed that on my dad's strat
but the ones on my explorer neck are a lot better than strat ones
My Peavey Raptor EXP has sorta sharp frets.. I plan on sanding them down sometime..
1. fender QC is much better than gibson's.

2. fender is not an emo guitar company.

3. it depends on the guitar, mine's fine.
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My mate's Strat has a great neck and it's a MiM.

Besides, it's partly up to the guitar shop to do QC of their own too.
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2. fender is not an emo guitar company.

I belive he was joking because the frets were being called sharp
It's fret sprout, caused by the wood in the neck contracting due to difference in atmosphere.

Just needs a setup to fix.
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hate strats....they are emo guitars...they cut you when you slide up and down

are you really unlucky when it comes to playing strats?

or was that supposed to be a joke?

Could also be to do with the strings. The frets on my 3 fenders (well actually 2 are squiers but meh) are okay. This is probably guitar center messing them up, although every now and again there will be some badly fretted guitars that leave any factory. It's not just fender.
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Fender guitars seem to be made much more nicely than the Gibson guitars. Anywho, Fender frets seem much nicer to me than Gibson frets... I always notice how brutal and sharp Gibson frets are... strange!
Quote by musicmydrug16
hate strats....they are emo guitars...they cut you when you slide up and down

wow you are very immature cause all emotional people cut themselves........not why dont you go find someone else to sterotype like all classic rock people wear led zeppelin shirts.........
**** NO!!! played a number of Strats, from standards to Americans to a custom my mate owns and their necks are great, the frets dont stick out and are extremely smooth!!

The employee is right about humidity control, which is why at a gig you leave the guitars onstage in order not to warp the neck when you come from the cold backstage. In either case you wouldnt buy a guitar from a place where they cannot sustain a temperature which does dammage to instruments.

In regards to quality, its a tough one and a mater of opinion,

Gibson quality is excellent however some things slip through,

Fender quality control are also excellent however may just be slightly better than that of Gibson but this is only noticable on their upper range models, due to Gibson not selling lower range models you have to compare Fender budget range to Epiphone where Fender quality is'nt so good!!
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i have MIA strat and a tele, both from new, never had this problem.
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