I play a lot of finger style arpeggio type stuff for my post-rock band, and sometimes when playing I get overwhelming feedback that drowns everything else. I do play with a lot of reverb and delay, and with all the sustained notes of my playing style (ecspecially the bass notes) it can get kind of out of hand. My guitar is an Epiphone les paul that I stuck a SD 59 model in the neck of and an sb-1 in the bridge. I mostly try and play with the treble pick up because the low end just seems too much.

I'm considering purchasing a BBE Sonic Stomp, or a Boss GE-7 to carve out my EQ, but if anyone else has any suggestions or anything I would be glad to hear it.

If anyone needs me to upload a recording somewhere to understand what I'm talking about, I can do that pretty quickly.
sounds like you need something like a noise surpressor of some kind or that BBE sonic stomp(never used them but sounds like what i hear theyre used for)
best thing to do is get a rackmount supressor something that will sustain your notes real good and knock out and pedal feedback....Rocktron!
Turn the gain down, you won't need that much playing leads, allow your fingers to do the work.
I don't play with gain. I currently only really play on the clean channel of a hot rod deluxe. I don't think the gain has any effect on the clean channel.
Instrumental rock that doesn't follow any formulas. It's almost orchestrated, with walls of guitars and very texturous sound.
That just sounds like prog. I don't know. There's so many variations or labels for types of rock and metal it's mindboggling.
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If you can't play them clean, you need practice, not to be rude.

I never said I couldn't play it clean. I don't know how you would draw that conclusion.
^If your notes are mushing out of control when you're playing arpeggios on a clean channel, you either A: Have too much Reverb and/or Delay going on or B: Lack control of what you're playing.