Right now I have a Crate XT15R, but it just ain't up to snuff.

I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul Standard right now and I'm looking at buying a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal.

I play stuff like Metallica, Pantera, Black Label Society, Avenged Sevenfold, Van Halen, etc.

I want to buy a new amp, and was looking at the Marshall MG30DFX but apparently it's not reliable and has a muddy sound.

Can anyone reccomend a good amp for my playing style under $300? (I'm looking just in the 30W range, basically a nice practice amp)
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i got a line 6 spider 2 its 75 watts and has a lot of built in effects which is nice and it only costed me about $200. Its perfect for the type of music you like to play
get a behringer lx210. it goes for around $250. it has 2 10" speakers, and is 120 watts. a lot more power than what you want, but it's got a ton of amp models that work really well. the "rectified head" model sounds like the modern marshall sound, and if you like metallica, the "rectified hi gain" setting works perfectly. it also has many other distorted amp models, and a lot of cleans too. a lot of onboard effects, and 125 editable presets. a good amp overall.
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You could save up for a low-end or used tube amp. There aren't very many solid state amps that I have really liked. You'll need more than 30watts of ss power to play with a band. Ebay usually has some good deals. Refurbished or barely-used amps are a good choice at musiciansfriend.com. Good luck.
epiphone valve junior (5 watts tube) $150.00 new
Danelectro Fish and Chips 7-band Equalizer $30.00 new
Distortion Pedal of your choice $30.00-$100.00 new
Ted Weber Micromass Power Attenuator $70.00 new

This set up will give you tone to rival your heavy metal idols at bedroom level or jamming in the garage.
I put new because you could probably find some of that stuff used or on sale for even cheaper prices.
Just some general points

Your definitely gonna want 12inch speakers, and I'd say you'll get better tone out of 2x12 then 1x12 how ever it will be louder. The lower the wattage the better because--especially with tube amps--the more you crank the better, so what good is something you always play at 25%

I recommend you go used, as long as its in good condition thats the best way to get a lot for your money.