It's touch sensitive, which is a huge plus, though the keys aren't weighted, which is a downfall if you plan on playing an actual piano someday.

For the price? Yea, go for it. It's as good as you will be getting at that price. Fortunately, it is a sturdy piece of gear to learn on , and do even more.
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I have that one, it's a nice keyboard, it is touch sensitive like that guy said, but the keys are not weighted, so it will be a difference if you move up to a full size piano. It is a good keyboard for learning theory and just getting a grasp of the instrument though, as it has a full scale on the screen. It's fun to fool around on, but it is also good for playing on. One thing I would recommend getting though is a sustain pedal, because it can really help your chords blend together, and give it flow.
it sounds good i think i will buy it, my guitar teacher just left the city and i decided to learn another instrument so i think this would be something good to start

thanks for the help
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