I've been trying for a while now.. and I need help.

At the 0h2-x-0h2-x-3p2-x-0h2-x-0h3p2 part and all the other "x" parts, do I play the "x" or just stop the sound from ringing out.

And I know it's a palm mute I'm suposed to do by watching them live and the music video for Before I Forget.. I thought I'd just clear that up.

Thank You Very Much!
you have the wrong tab
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you have the wrong tab

No, I have the guitar book.. so I know it's right.

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There is, but that symbol isn't there... but like I said, I know its a palm mute im supposed to do, but do I stop the sound anf then play the muted string? Or not play the muted string.
if the x's are there im assuming that you would play the 0h2, then lift your fingers to mute it, then play the next thing. If they were rests I don't thing the "X's" would be there
Alright I'll try that... I've been tryinh so many things, I just can't get it to sound right.