so i was jsut basically told that my randall rg200w amp is a piece of crap and that i should get a tube amp. so what tube amp should i be looking into?.... and how much does a decent one cost. im buying a gibson sg standard.
what do you play?
what bands do you like?
its hard to recomend an amp without more information
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What do you play. If you can afford an SG STandard, then you could probably afford a nice Fender amp arund 500 or a Peavey if you want higher gain at a slightly higher price tag.
o sorry i thought that was is my profile but its not. um i play stuff from like emanuel, halifax, to like paramore, um red jumpsuit apparatus, .. fall of troy, spill canvas, and any bands close to that
ive got a randall rg75, and i can get about any sound i want out of it. so, idk.the fender tube amps are pretty nice sounding too, in my opinion.
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fall of troy-

peavey classic 30 head/cab or classic 50 combo for sure.
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