Ok, Heres the situation, my girlfriend doesnt download music on her computer so i do all her ipod stuff for her. but her ipod mini just all of a sudden stopped updating(synching)the musi and dissconnected, ever since its been stuck witha lock symbol, a big "do not enter" sign and "do not dissconnect" at the bottom. i treied resetting it, restarting it, i cant update it because it doesnt connect to my computer anymore, i would really apreciate some help from anybody who can give it to me

thanks guys(and girls)
Sledgehammer It.
ya the sledgehammer idea could work, ill just go buy her a new one, this one is almost like four years old or something, and its from thailand(as is my girlfriend) like christ, i think its time to upgrade, but if there is a way other then that ill try it

I'm only using one computer, mine and i cant even restore it, it doesnt do anything
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