Yes, its that song by Andy Mckee, and I love it, I decided to try to learn how to play it but its soooo hard because its all over the neck and you play a lot of notes with hammer ons with your picking hand...but its an amazing piece...so, how many, if any, know this song and how long did it take to learn....im getting a bit discouraged becuase of my lack of ridiculously fast crazy right hand fretting.....here is the link if you avent heard it before

When I'm playing this song I like to smoke a cigarette at the same time. And eat a taco. I'm pretty good.

Hell no, I'm sorry man I have no idea what to tell you.
Andy Mckee really grew fast on the internet. Check out Rylynn and some of his harp guitar stuff. He really defines what a musician should be about. It's in DADGAD tuning if that helps.
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yes drifting is a hard song to learn. it took me about 2 or 3 days to learn the first 40 or so seconds of it, which is where i am now. i altered it a bit though, not playing with all the hammer ons etc... take is slow and watch the video and it should come
his album art of motion is unreal, Rylynn is the most beautiful song I've ever heard
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i agree, my friend found him a few days ago on youtube and sent me a link... best acoustic player iv heard likes. i straight away went and downloaded all the songs by him that i could lol