ok.... I have been playing guitar for like 12/13 years. I've been thinking of getting a wireless system for my guitar. I read a lot of mixed reviews. some like them and some don't. Price doesn't seem to matter. sometimes the cheaper ones get better reviews then the expensive ones. Does anyone have any honest to god opinions on them, used them, etc. Any preferences on them (brand/ model wise). or.... should i just stick with using a cable? Let me know. If it matters.... I play alot of kinds of music, but mostly metal and do alot of lead work so quality is very imprtant. I use a Razorback for my guitar, a compressore/sustainer pedal, and distortion pedals. I have a 300watt Randall half stack. so let me know what u think.
They aren't that bad i have one...i can't remember the name but i paid like 300 for it and its a pretty solid unit. definitely a fun thing to have on stage
idk i had one...then sold it back to the store and went back to cables...it was nothing but a pain in my butt the whole time

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