so i was talking to the guy at my local guitar shop and i asked him why my pickups hum (im particular, the middle and neck pickups hum, whereas the bridge doesnt). He said probably because they arent grounded right (something like that). he left it at that and went onto other things which distracted me from the original question...

anyways, anyone have any idea what i can do to fix this, or what could be done about it, etc? thanks
He might be talking about the wiring... Theres a ground wire that goes out of the pickup (assuming they're active) and it may be loose or something.
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doesnt have to be active. Passives are grounded as well. I'm not sure where the grounding wire is on fixed guitars but if you've got a trem guitar open the back where the spring set up is and you'll see it soldered to the claw holding the springs in place,,,if the soldering looks like a really shit job have some one re solder it.
Besides checking the grounds on your pickups, you may want to consider shielding them, too. Shielding single coil guitars is one of the best things you can do for them. You can do this yourself...check out http://www.guitarnuts.com . You'll find all the answers you need there.