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ive played guitar for a little over 3 years and i love it, but i want to be skilled at multiple instruments also, i just ordered an irish tin whistle, which was nice and cheap, and came with a book and cd, and they look fun too. whats some other cool intruments i could learn how to play? thats not to expensive

Or if you're up to it, the mandolin. This kid in my cabin at camp had been playing mandolin for ~7 years, and he could seriously shred on it. It was awesome.
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Harmonica and mandilon are great. Piano too. I've been taking up the Hurdy Gurdy lately :P maybe a Dulcimer down the road
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keyboards are pretty cheap and simple to get the basics down with already knowing some musical theory...they also come in amazingly handy for composing...

or... violin
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piano. i only know a little but i know people who learned piano and they think it made them better at guitar

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what kind of intruments were used by ancient egyptians?

Pretty sure they had some forms of harps and xylophones.
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No my friends Dinosaurs walked this earth with Man.

I wanted something wicked so I took up cello. Cello > your soul. Although viola, double bass, and harpsichord are amazing too. I wish I had the money for all that.
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lap harp, or the egyptian harp if you want something egyptian theres also an egyptian harp.
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what kind of intruments were used by ancient egyptians?

I believe it was the lute.

Harmonica is defenitely up there. Saxophone is cool too but those things are expensive...
i would like to learn piano and violin..... metal piano and violin... and i dont blow but bagpipes would be cool too.
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Keyboard. Teh sex as an alternative instrument after guitar.
And the theremin looks awesome. Saw some vids on youtube.

i'd say lute or glissentar, which is a fretless middle eastern guitar like instrument.
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who thinks we should make an ethnic instrument thread? eh? where would you put a thread like that?
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