Please read my story, and try not to judge.

So here I am listening to Fade to Black for the 100th time....
All of a sudden I get all hyped up, and decide to pick up my guitar "again", wipe off the dust off of it, and "again" try to learn the song....

I get my tabs printout and sit down to play... I'm thinking to my self - "Yeah! This time is different.. This time I'll finally have the patience, and determination to learn"

After playing a few first notes, I get to the point where my finger has to reach from the 4th fret of the 6th string to the 5th fret while holding another finger on the 2nd fret of the 5th string.... OUCH! Ok... I cant do that! That's too much of a stretch! I simply cant do that PHYSICALLY!

At this point all my determination and inspiration goes down the drain... I carefully place the guitar back to the dusty corner of my room and go watch TV, like the looser that I am.... Pathetic....

Every time I try to play something... Same thing happens over and over again...

I tried starting from scratch.. Learning notes, playing simple kiddie songs... But this stuff is boring, and after doing this for 2-3 days, I go back to watching TV.

I cant understand how is it that some ppl play from tabs alone. I'm sure "Fade to Black" for example has chords, and in order to play the song one must know these chords no? I once tried looking at the chords involved... All I can say is WOW... So many of them, and they are so hard... yet I keep seeing people on u-tube posting videos and saying they learned in 17 months from scratch....

The reason why I said everything above is because I'd like you people to give me some tips. I'd like to know what I can start with that would be fun, and would keep me interested at the same time. Any advice? Every time I hear a cool song and try to play it, I feel like I'm trying to climb a great wall of china, when I never climbed a fence in my life...

I've been told many times that I have perfect musical pitch, and my talent is going to waste. I like music and I really want to play guitar... However I am clearly taking the wrong route.

Been trying on and off since 15, now I'm 25, and no progress.... I'd like to hear some words of wisdom and enlightenment.

PS: Please no advices to get a tutor or friends who "rock"... I'm broke as a joke, and my friends dont play guitar.
Well, wrong forum first of all...

But you need to learn to do those stretches. No one can do the splits right away, you have to take it gradually and slowly, stretching a little more each time.

As for the chords, same deal, take them one at a time and practice till your eyes bleed.
Get baked, study theory.

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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
Don't base playing on one tough song, try to learn some easier stuff and work up your skill. I'm a big advocate of lessons because they can help you grow and give you the knowledge of how to do it, and correctly
I agree. You may have a great ear, but you need to translate that to you fingers. It takes a lot of focus, patience and practice. When I first started playing guitar I played about 5-10 intros to songs. Just to get my fingers use to the movements and everything. Then I worked on differnet parts of the song like learning everything but the solo. Then work on the solo because sometimes it is like a song in it self. Then put it all together. I looked at the tab and then I remembered what I did for that song. I used my pinkey I think for that part, but if you look a head a little you don't really go back to the 2nd fret so you could just move you had up quickly as well. There are always tons of different ways to play songs. Also the 5th fret on the A string is the same thing as an open D string. I know that playing the song perfect is the ultimate goal but don't let that stop you from trying to learn other parts of the song. I think the chord changes are not too bad once you know the open chords and practice the changes. I hope all this helps. Good luck. Later.
learn seek and destroy - nice and easy + pretty fun to play !

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Try playing in front of the tv..keep volume on tv down low just enuf for background sound and just play that guitar!

During commercials I pick it up and practice scales.

I'm new at this too...had to quit lessons (one on one) now trying simple books...

Do the scales and see what you can get out of them..try playing the notes out of the scales to do some "songs"..licks/riffs..whatever you call those..

Try using a tape recorder..so if you make a great sound that you wish to keep and try to duplicate again later..you can use your "ear" to get that same sound you created back.

It IS rewarding tool to use!

Good luck and keep the faith!

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learn seek and destroy - nice and easy + pretty fun to play !


Also instead of playing the fade to black intro like this:


PLay it like this:

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