So I've been watching man vs. wild on the discovery channel lately and I have 2 questions.
1. How does the camera crew survive?
2. What does the guy do after he's found a house or something?
1. The camera people have food and water and stuff, they live normal.

2. He goes home? What else do you do...
I dunno about Man Vs. Wild, but I know on Survivorman, which is basically the same thing, he films the whole thing himself.
1. The camera crew probably has food,supplies, etc - I mean they're in Helicopters, or not even with Bear half the time.

2. He kills the inhabitants.
idk how real the whole thing seems but its definitely interesting to watch ummm as for your questions yea cameramen probably have food and such but im sure if they do they will let the host eat and just not tape it cause they dont want him to die
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in a heavy british accent, he storms the house with his knowledge gained from his time in the special forces, kills all the occupants with his knife and then uses their intestines for fishbait and goes back into the wild. he never leaves

and is his ****ing name really bear?
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ooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe the guys just has a camera that he sets up on a tripod or something becuase the camera never seems to be moving much and thes only on camera angle. idk??????
survivorman is way better
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The crew swaps spots. I've noticed this because sometimes you see a fat shadow and other times a thinner one.

Ah, I think I know who the camera crew is then...

i made a thread about this show a few weeks ago.

i love it. the man is pretty crazy. i watched him drink the liquid out of elephant shit, and i watched him eat a whole snake while it was still alive.

i hope he is truly doing that to survive, and that the camera people arent feeding him, because if he is doing that just to make the show interesting...he has some issues.
I love Man Vs. Wild.

It just might be a little set up.

Plus, how can you not love a guy named Bear?

(Even if it is a middle name.)
Is he the guy who peed on his torn shirt and put it on his head? I always get survivorman and man vs wild mixed up. Both are good though.

Edit: In one of them the guy is the camera man and has to carry all the shit too and he is by himself.
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Has anyone seen the episode where he gets dropped on some mountain? Just ice and vallies.

Anywho I fell asleep 5 min, into it and right when I wake up I see Bear ripping all his clothes off and rolling around completely naked in the snow. Well I certainly woke up and was like wtf????!!!! needless to say I felt bad for the guy....

My face was priceless
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i've wondered about the camera thing too. In one episode he climbs a hundred feet up a tree or whatever and the camera is facing him and he points at something and the camera pans over to it so i figured the camera man climbed the tree too.. idk
i like and hate these shows at the same time. like on i shouldn't be alive you already know how its gonna end

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Does everybody in England pronounce glacier and crevice like that? I have never heard it pronounced in such a way.
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they arent allowed to interact with bear, though. and with a guy who can survive off of almost anything, there really isnt much need to give him water or food. he is really cool though, i watched a marathon yesterday of man vs wild and i have to say it is my new favorite show...actually fairly oddparents is my favorite...but man vs wild is up there too.
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i was actually wondering how the cameraman stays alive myself.
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he mentioned in the one where he's in the rockies that he has a camera crew with him, but they are not allowed to help him in ANY way unless he's in mortal danger. its a pretty great show
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yeah, the camera crew is equipped with things like food, water, safety equipment for climbing, etc. the host doesn't get any of that. he SURVIVES.
I love how on the island episode he made a perfect sail out of leaves and wood. I was half expecting him to jump in the water and kill one of the sharks with his spear for food.
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