Ok, ahh, i just took the strings off my lp classic and the stop tail fell off. Being the clever guy i am i decided to fiddle with the little screw things that obviously make the thing higher or lower, and did that for the bridge as well :S Now i cant remember where they were originally. What does that height do and whats a good setting :S if there is one. ALso, tips on restringing? THanks, im in deep
Those set the action (how high the strings are off the fret board) Put the strings on very loosely, then screw each side higher or lower, depending on how you like it.

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Well most people who play metal usually have them as low as they can without fret buzzing, but I dunno, it just depends what you wanna play. sOW
Sometimes the fret buzz is nice though. I lower a tad to get that sometimes.
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well, some general settings for just like, classic rock, not so much metal but yeah. LIke, acdc stuff, bit of iron maiden :S lol, stop tail all the way down? Whatever
Just set it where it's comfortable, with minimal buzzing. You may have to reintonate.

As for restringing, try to avoid more than three wraps around the tuning post, to improve tuning stability. Before I got locking tuners, I'd estimate the amount for 3 wraps, and then put the string in the post, bend it to ensure that it stayed in the post, then wrapped once abovce the hole, and then below the post, to prevent the string from slipping off. While I did this, kept the length of the string taut, so as to prevent excess string slack. Hoppefully that makes sense to you.