Ok, i've decided i want to build my own guitar finally. I have nothing at all, but i have money needed to get what i want. I dont want to buy a premade body or anything, i want to do it all myself but have no idea what to do. Where do i start?
Hmm... Find some plans on how to cut out a body, or get a guitar body and see how they do it.

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Start with a good book. It's the fastest way to get a solid overview of the process. Hiscock and Koch both have good ones. Here's a list of guitar building resources I personally found helpful in building my first guitar. The list includes the two books mentioned above as well as tutorials, forums and key vendors that will get you pointed in the right direction.

Guitar building can be exciting but take your time and do your homework.


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carvin.com for a neck.

exoticwood.com for the body wood.

stewmac for hardware.
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