ok i absoultly love this guitar does anyone have 1 because im thinking of getting 1 like next year or soemthing and are they worth the money?
and is there anything bad aboiut these and which model is the best
I was about to get one, but I settled for an ibanez rg instead. a bit cheaper, sounds just as good, only real difference in my opinion is the beastly hook. It looks awesome, gets the crowds attention, but it's just not worth an extra $300 to me. So i'm fine with an rg.
Though if I won a million dollars, I'd get an iceman and a hellraiser w/ floyd rose tremelo and an orange head/cabinet. I've heard good things about those. (not a fan of les pauls).
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i have a IC200, bought it a couple of years ago..

they could use better pickups.. like most ibanez. but i'm not upgrading mine for a few years as i prefer brighter tones - my jackson and soon to be fender.

The necks play nicely, the pickup height adjustment screws come lose. So thats the only fault. pretty light weight guitar compared to other, nice warm tone. But yeah some gibson pickups or whatnot and you'd get a bloody good sound...

i get heaps of compliments about the guitar and the shape...

new pickups and lock tight on the pickup height screw and bobs ya uncle... however i've played mine "live" heaps with stock pickups... sounds good unplugged too...
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I bought an IC200, hated the colour so i got a custom order for a black one, must say i'm VERY happy with the guitar. What sort of music are you intending to play?

I play all sorts of things, (metal, grunge, punk) and it works fantastically as a rhythm guitar with the stock pickups, in my opinion i'd say it's the Ibanez equivalent of an Explorer (don't flame me for that!~) purely because i'm more of an Ibanez lover, all just depends on what you're playing
I'm currently selling a Giger Iceman right now. Swapped the pickups for a Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB combo and it sounds great. Neck plays like a dream. Coffin Case included. Giger Iceman
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XD. That dude from dragon force uses one.
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great guitar, you should get the IC400!
the pups are not the best like in every other Ibanez, but once you swith them, you have a beast!
only bad thing: it's hard to find a case that fits the guitar...

but it's definitely worth the money so go and GET IT!!!
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I used to own an IC400 and liked it quite a bit. Actually though, the Ibanez equivalent of an Explorer is a Destroyer, like my 80's three-pickup model:

Makes me want to grow out a mullet and play some Def Leppard.
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Co-Founder of the Orange Revolution Club

-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
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-Oversized Bogner 2x12 Cabinet
-Fulltone OCD
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IBANEZ ICEMAN IC400 IS ****ING AWSOME GET IT U ****! NOW!...if not then id have to go with a IC200...GET THE ****ING IC400 ITS SOOO ****ING AWSOME
IC400 was a guitar that I have always wanted to get ages ago...
ahh well..I still want to get it once I get my own job and my own money.
It's such a sweet guitar.
I love it.

Everytime i look at it, I just droool
I managed to track down an IC300 last year and absolutely have no regrets on it. it came with a fitted case too!

the 300 has a basswood body and a bolt-on neck. but I couldn't care less. it just has a nice tone to it. unique. the stock pups weren't too bad with some adjusting. but I still wanted that extra bite, so I threw some Duncans in there. now it rips.

I love the Iceman. I can't say I recommend it though. I don't want too many people playing this awesome guitar.
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