OK, so I've got a nice paycheck coming in soon, and I'm going to use it on some new pickups (Dimebucker at the bridge and an EMG 85 at the neck ). Anyway, I also am going to buy a Noise Supressor, and I was looking at the top 3 highest rated noise supressor. Actually, they were the only three, but anyway, here they are:


^^^Boss NS-2


^^^Rocktron Hush Super C Guitar Noise Reducer


^^^MXR Smart Gate Pedal

I read all of the reviews on all 3 products, and normally I could do this by myself, but all three of them had reviews that said "Oh, this thing is badass!" and then someone else will say, "It completely sucks out your tone." I can't go to a Guitar Center to try these out and I was hoping someone out there would know which one is better, and which sucks the least (at best, no tone) out of my guitar. Any help would be appreciated.

I also play metal if that helps any.
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I've never used any of them, but I'd lean toward the Boss and MXR. They're trusted, high quality names. I use a Digitech noise gate, and it works pretty good. Get something with the most tweakability and sensitivity. That way, your can set it so your quiet notes still get through, but no hiss or hum. And I wouldn't buy something that claims to know the difference between hiss and hum and notes, and expect it to.

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the boss N-2 was the best purchace i made in years......very transparent....slams shut opens quietly.my band( Chemical Flaw ) never sounded so good live.
Some people love the ISP Decimator and others the NS-2. I know Necrophagist use ISP's and I think Yngwie uses the NS-2.
Point beeing that you can't go wrong with either one. Also, the Decimator is from the guy who did the Rocktron Hush.

Personally, I'd go with the Decimator. I've heard some great things about the rack edition.

Anyway, here are some clips of the ISP in action: http://rocksolidamps.com/index.php?contain=playlist&mid=155
i'm looking for one as well, maybe the Line 6 ToneCore Constrictor - it has noise gate and compression in 1 pedal, and you get a free module if you buy it
I didn't care for the NS-2, ended up getting an ISP instead and I'm very happy with it. But I can see how someone could prefer the Boss, they're okay too, just kind of different and not really my thing. Hard to explain best if you could try out both.
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i heard the ISP is great and i also heard that the ns-2 are bad.. they say the ns-2 kills your tone..

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IMO NS-2 sucks out your tone while the ISP is practically flawless
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I've played on the Boss NS-2 with EMG's, and there was no noticable tone reduction

I disagree, I have a les paul custom with EMG's and used to have a Boss NS-2 and it had a really bad effect on my sound, if it was turned up more than half way it took away a little volume and punch when the gate was open, It wasnt massive but enough for it to piss me off.

I got the iSP Decimator about 2 month's ago and IMO its head and shoulder's above any other noise gate pedal on the market. AWESOME ! (its nice and shinny too! lol)
i have an isp decimator and an ns 2, and let's put it like this: the ns2 isn't in my chain any more.

I also think the price argument is faulty logic- if you want to cut any noise with the ns2, you need to run the pedals/amp through the ns2's loop, which means you have to buy 2 more cables (unless you have them already), which will bring the ns2 up to the price of the isp...
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the NS-2 sucks, I had it for less than a week then sold it, it only cuts noise when your not playing. basically get an ISP decimator, that pedal cuts out noise all the time. Ive ordered one from someone on here, i wish it would hurry up and arrive!
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Instead of using a noise suppressor, a better approach is to eliminate the sources of noises. Typically, noises and hums are generated from ground loops and electro-magnetic fields. Use shielded cables to reduce the effects of electro-magnetic fields and batteries to eliminate ground loops.

You can either 9V batteries or rechargeable batteries to power your effects pedals. I use Voltz (www.amperormusic.com) to power my pedals with great result. I turned my amplifier all the way up and I can only hear some very faint hisses. Beware! Because it was so quiet, I forgot to turn the amplifier back down and I killed the speakers when I played a note on the guitar.
Ns- sucks tone, does no real redutcion (form my perspective)

Isp=end of thread. Perfect.

oh and question have you already installed the pickups or purchased them...
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I've played on the Boss NS-2 with EMG's, and there was no noticable tone reduction

Same. It work's very well.
NS-2 is absolutley garbage. If you live close to a Guitar Center what you can do is go buy a NS-2 take it home see how crappy it is then return it and go buy the ISP and realize how much better it is
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