Is there such thing as a good guitar setup for beginners? Something that is easy to play on and easy on the fingers, but still a high quality guitar? I am getting an annoying buzzing sound from playing because I am not holding down the strings hard enough. I know it takes practice but my fingesr are getting really sore.
Well, an electric guitar is easier to play than an acoustic.
Lower your action and use .009 gauge strings.

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Yeah... it's best to go to a shop or have a friend (who knows what they're doing) lower the action. (This can be done via the "truss rod" on the end of the neck and/or "the screws on your bridge")

Then make sure to buy light strings next time... they're a lot easier to play on.
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Yeah, it just takes a bit of persistence.
Just play for abit until it starts to really hurt, and then give it a rest for an hour (make sure you do press down hard enough though, also make sure your fingertip is quite near to the fret its behind, the closer it is, without being on top of the fret, the less pressure you need to use) and then go back and play until your fingers are sore again.
I found just having the guitar near me at the computer and in my room was good as i would pick it up regularly and play for a bit until my fingers got sore, and then I would put it down for a bit.
Get some light strings on gauge 9 or 10 and get the action lowered if you can. That will help a lot.
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