This may seem a bit odd but...

Every day I play my guitar for about 4 - 6 hours and my hands have gotten to a point now where even after 6 hours playing they are still feeling tingly and full of energy.

I feel a lot more fulfilled if I go to bed at night and my hands are tired.

Anyone know what I can do to tire them out more?

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Play faster and more challanging material. Practice your hammer-ons/pull-offs a lot. play 0h5h8p0h5h8 over and over on all strings. Tremelo pick.

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Play the intro to Eugene's Trick Bag.

5p2h4p2h5p2 over and over.

Practice bending major 3rds.

I dunno.
Simple answer would be to use heavier gauge strings.
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switch to .13 guage strings then play stuff with alot of fast licks/bends
crank up the metronome.
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