was looking around and came to the EG530SSC but i am also comparing it to the keystone (EF) series and was wondering how the lower end keystone series (EF340SC, EF341SC) holds up against the EG530SSC, if its worth the extra buck or two, ect.
it looks like you accidentally posted this same thread four times. no worries, i cleaned it up for you. just try and be careful when submitting new threads in the future!

and as for your question, i have no experience at all with the keystone series, but i do have that same model eg series takamine and i absolutely love it.
o, was probably my browser being slow - my bad. if i were to get the EF341SC for around the same price should i jusmp on it? how do the electrics differ CT-4BII vs accuracoustic preamp (im assuming the newer ct-4bII wins)?
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any point in a direction? no one has experience with the keystones... they start at much higher prices. should i get the EF341SC over the eg350ssc (if same price range)?
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^--- indeed

threadstarter... go back and have another look over the forum rules, please. you've been around for almost a year now!

and for your question... how are you getting the EF341SC for the same price as the G series guitar? is the EF used or an older model or what?

are you planning to purchase online? if so, give us some links to where you are looking.

also, you said EG530SSC first and then later said EG350SSC.... which one are you referring to? i'm familiar with the EG530SSC (this is the one i was talking about when i said i own one), but not with an EG350SSC. i don't think i've ever even heard of an EG350SSC.
If you absolutely have to have a Tak, then make sure that you get the one that has the CT-4B preamp. Very warm and organic sounding.
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did you mean ct-40? which guitars have that preamp?

is it better to by a non elcectrical acoustic and add a pickup?
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I love mine thats all Im gonna say...
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