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Im in a little bit of a tiff. Being the impatient idiot i am, i put the second lot of clear laquer on too thick, as a result it bubbled. Ive wet sanded it a bit with 800 but now i can see the crater is probably a couple of millimeters deep.

So my question is: Should i just wet sand the whole lot (with tiny craters remaining) then more clear or sand town untill the craters have gone? I just dont want it to be evident when its finished.

EDIT: Perhaps a couple of mill is an exaggeration but it will take a shite load of sanding to rectify and i dont want to risk getting water in the holes, swelling the wood and having the existing clear crack.
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I dont have a clue as i have never done thisbefore. But is there any way you could fill the crater with laquer wait for it to dry thensand it smoothly?
better safe than sorry, sand the laquer off and start again.
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reranch has a guide to spot repair/sanding through. go check it out.
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I'd sand that entire side until everythign is even with the bottom of the crate. Or at least close. Then you can try and drop fill the rest in as much as possible and put on a couple more coats of lacquer and sand it flat, then put on more