read this first

im the guy called "opeth" im looking for a decent amp as the last one i tried buying didnt work out because the store i was buying it off F*&^*&CKED me around!!

i play powermetal/neo classical music, i have

Ibanez Sa160QM-AM with a TONEZONE installed
Boss Metalzone
Zakk wylde OD
Ibanez weeping demon

want an amp thats not going to need much help with pedals and stuff, dont want to buy a poweramp thing either if possible, would like a combo as i have to lug it too school...

i was old to get a solidstate, but i dont know ANY powermetal bands who use SS, let alone a crappy MG!!

please help me out, want to spend around 1200 Australian on it
Peters Chimaira tube amp
Harley Benton 2xv30's
Jackson dinky select series USA
MI audio boostnbuff+crunchbox
Carbon copy MXR + smart gate
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