yes so iv previously stated that my strings go flabby when i tune to drop c

ixs there any way i cann tune to drop c without getting heavier strings

i cant currently go to the music store to buy some as im flat broke and have no transport.
Not if you're using any strings that are below guage 11. To be fair though, I've used 10's and they've been alright for drop C. And I'm always in drop C. How very metal of me.
Nope if you have thin strings there gonna get looser as you down tune.
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nawww man

well when i get my new guitar will 11's be good

and will it be alright to tune it to a full step down to.
Should be fine. I warn you now though that if you have or are getting a guitar with a floating trem to be extremely careful with it. It'll more than likely come with .009's as standard, and as such is calibrated to suit those strings. In order to change to a higher gauge you'll have to adjust the springs in the body of the guitar, so that you don't end up with the trem sitting at a 90 degree angle...Happened to me once back in the day, unfortunately I had to learn the hard way.

Then after you've finished adjusting the springs, you have to adjust action height and intonation, not to mention get used to playing with heavier strings. But if you're serious about it, get someone in the know to have a look at it for ye.
when i play drop c, i like to use d'addario heavey bottoms light tops. That way you don't get the flopping strings down low, and you get very easy vibrato on the higher strings
I recently got all of my guitars fixed up for .12's because of my drop C-ness. Let me tell you what, that sucked. The difference from .09 to .11 isn't too much. Try going from .11's to .12's! I was so uncomfortable that I brought all of 'em back to have them redone. The strings are fat and... blah. Just letting you know.
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Unless you get new strings then no, try picking up some 11-12's. Ive been using 10s the last few days on drop c and it sounds ok, but theres alot of slack on the low e (c).