What EMG pickups should i get i like trivium, metallica, steve vai and loads of otherstuff. im not sure about the sound id like maybe somthing with a crunch to it but with really nice high sounds too like steve vai but crunchy powerful low sounds.
its to replace the pickups on my guitar. i have an explorer so its got two pickups. and id like to replace both of them.
81 in the bridge 85 in the neck... unless you want to split the coils in the neck, then itd be a 60.

just for future reference though, there is an edit button rather than making 3 posts within 3 minutes
i would say get a emg 81 85 set or for the true metallica james hetfield fan buy a pair of emg 81 60 \M/ if i had a explorer i would go for 81/60 \M/ they just sound massive