Howdy i just bought a dsl401 and love it. i have a slight problem with it though. when im playin on the clean channel it has like a slight twanging sort of noise. its sortsa like a wire was moving or something. hard to explain.
any suggestions???
turn the reverb off, if it still does it take it back, its prbably the reverb tank there is nothing wrong with it that is how spring reverb works
o ok cheers srry im a bit of a dumbass when it comes to valve amps this is my first
nah dude its ok i have a dsl and line six spider as practice amps there ok,

some tips for you let me no if they help:

the marshall sounds good if you tilt it back so it is at a 45 degree angle with the speaker towards your face

turn the gain down on the channels and turn up the master volume to full with the gains on 1-2 and it sounds better than if you have the gain on ten and the master vol on 1-2

dont scoop the mids too much

dont have too much reverb because the dsls reverb isnt great IMO

and most of all play loud and have fun.

hope that helps a bit