Poll: Who do you rate as being the best on this list?
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View poll results: Who do you rate as being the best on this list?
Paco de Lucia
1 5%
Trace Bundy
2 9%
Antoine Dufour
4 18%
John Butler
5 23%
Andy McKee
4 18%
Justin King
2 9%
Phil Keaggy
5 23%
Tommy Immanuel
8 36%
Don Ross
4 18%
Craig De'Andrea
1 5%
Voters: 22.
I want you guys to tell me who else I shoud be listening to if I am listening to Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross etc. I have John Butler Trio, Jack Johson, Trace Bundy and a few others.

I'd appreciate your input.


Robert Taylor, Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel.

Pretty much anyone on www.candyrat.com

Although Jack Johnson is hardly in the same vein.
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Quote by Rankles

Although Jack Johnson is hardly in the same vein.

I completely agree - just didn't want people saying Jack Johnson repeatedly. Thanks mate. Cheers
I haven't heard of any of those guys save for Paco de Lucia, John Butler, Andy McKee, and Tommy Immanuel. :-/
Most definitely Tommy Emmanuel.
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Rodrigo y Gabriela are amazing, but my pick was antoine dufour. absolutely amazing, but other than that Don Ross or Tommy Emmanuel
Seriously I know I mentioned him but check out Robert Taylor, he's prety young and new but his style is so totally different to that of the others that he's really worth a listen. His album is great.
<Dobzilla> because "when you were born, they thought yo' momma shit herself."
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I am so glad Phil Keaggy is on that list, he is way underappreciated. Ya Michael Hedges is cool, but his style is very similar to Phil's, only slower. And for those of you that don't know this, Phil is a fingerpicker who is missing the middle finger on his right hand. Try fingerpicking anything without your middle finger and see how far you get.
Trace Bundy and John Butler are so damn good. I hate the way the do all their tapping bits, its so bloody hard to do.

Tommy E is fantastic as well, but I just don't find myself as into his music as I am with the other two
Absolutly nothing wrong with Jack Johnson headly. But you can hardly put him in the same league as most of the players mentioned so far - including RodGab
No one mentioned Keller Williams? "Not of This Earth" is an amazing tune.
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Hey what about Mark Knophler, just because he plays electric heaps doesnt mean he cant KICK ass with an acoustic. Garry Moore, Ginger Baker, Clapton, What about Tommy's brother Phill Emmanuel , he no slouch with the gee-tar either. Ry Cooder (one of the only guitarists I know of who sounds like he is playing lead , rythm & bass all at the same time, LIVE no overdubbing) These guys all kick pritty hard & im talking with a classical axe.
man the list is endless. RIP Jimmy Hendrix

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so glad phil keaggy made it on this list- he's amazing!! check out Dispatch's CD "All Points Bulletin." He's a guest soloist on "Prince of Spades," "Passerby," and a few others-- he's absolutely out of this world! his fingerpicking blows everyone i've ever heard away. : )
Tommy Immanuel you spelt his name wrong lol
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