I am interested in modding my Boss Metal Zone pedal. So far all i have been able to find is this: http://www.freeinfosociety.com/electronics/schemview.php?id=138
Now i am curious, what is the schematic at the top of the page, is that a mod? an extra board that can be added in? because the pedal doesn't have 3 switches normally. If it is a mod, where does it go? where do those dotted wires go to?
No one?
well anyway. i am interested in modding the tone shaping parts of the circuit in the image bellow. i want to remove them or make then less prominent, i don't really understand this part of the circuit though. I guess its some kind of active filter, but i have no idea what to change to make it less nasal sounding.
Anyone able to help me? it would be much appreciated.
Dude, it was like 40 minutes ya waited. Be patient. Any U.S. users would've been asleep. I only woke up because I had a weird ass dream about stealing a crucifix from the Mafia in Las...Vegas....and got tried twice for it but got out of it because of double jeopardy...

Anyway, I do believe the 3 switch extra circuit is a mod. I found it at another site...
But here's another drawing of the original circuit:
Go and search for Boss, cause it's a pretty long page with tons of schems...I'd look at it, but it's hand drawn, and I'm still kind of sleepy.
heh, you must be tired, i actaully posted the first one yesterday + 40 minutes :P
thanks for the info btw