are these two guitars the same??....i want to buy a mahogany rg321 and the description of them says they both have mahogany bodies but are availible in different colors....are they the same?
Tbh, yeah i think so :|


but they are both the same price and both the same guitar, so i dont understand that.

Just for safety go for the second link you have, as it says mahogany.

Even though the first link has a better look. :P
Yeah, it's the same.
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I second the motion to go with the first one. It indeed says "MHGNY".

That's gotta mean something...Haha...
all the letters after the numbers usually have something to do withthe finish thats on the guitar
Both of them are mahogany.
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Both are the same cept for the finishes. MF had taken down the old basswood RG321 which is black/navy blue.

And MH = mahogany, GN = grey nickel, just to make it clear
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