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randall rg75dG3
5 38%
Marshall AVT150x
2 15%
Line6 spider III 150
3 23%
Recommend a better one below
3 23%
Voters: 13.
i need a new amp, but i cant decide between a randall rg75dg3 and some others like marshall avt150x. I play mostly metal, but a bit of blues and funky. Any other reccomendations of amps would be awesome.
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if I were you, I would try to get a cheap tube amp, even if it jsut has clean and get a distortion pedal like the metal zone or the Big Muff with Top Boost.
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I'd definitely go for the Randall. I've got a Randall RM100 (the one with the changeable modules) and it's awesome. I've played plenty of Randall's and they never disappoint, esp those new Valve Dynamic ones