Hey dudes and dudettes,

Been saving up, and I've got around £800-1000 to spend ($1500-1800), and I've narrowed my choices for new pickups/amp to the following. I liked them all, but just wanted some opinions on what you all thought I should choose...

My guitar: Schecter C-1 Elite
Music I play/write: fast/heavy punk/hardcore
Guitar/tone/riff influences: Dave Baksh (Sum 41), Phil Sneed (Story of the Year), James Hetfield (Metallica).
Needs: Tight, clear, focused sound. Amp-wise; bright but not too bright, tight bass and low mids. Pickup-wise; again, clear and tight. Good bass and low-mid response. I do a lot of fast chugging and riffing, so I want palm-muted chugs to really be focused and jump out.

My choices so far:

Bareknuckle Miracle Man/Cold Sweat set.
EMG 81/60 set.
Any other recommendations?

Marshall JCM-800
Marshall DSL-50
Laney GH50L
Any other recommendations?

jcm 800s are prized for thier sound
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Marshall 1960a 4x12 with 75's
Acoustic 150
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Boss OC-2
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Those EMG's would work, what guitar have you got, if there are any single coils then Seymour Duncan Hot rails in the right position would work
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sorry about the c-1.........be carefull.....SOFT FRETS....can never go wrong with jcm 800.....but try a few first......they are all different, even though same model....(dont wanna spend even more money moddin it.) no boogie's either, if you know how to play you'll hate it in a month......pickups?.......bill lawrence...mmmmmm tone. lollar makes sick sounds......EMG is great equalizer...make your strat and your paul sound exectly the same......who wants that?.......cheap and easy,..get yourself a dimarzio paf pro for bridge and a reg. paf for neck.low/mid output with lots of clarity....let your amp and your fingers do the work.
^Pfft, if you don't like the old Boogie Marks, something is seriously wrong with you.
I definately don't like Recto's... I find the gain too saturated and the bass too flabby. I've not considered DiMarzios's or Bill Lawrences... nice suggestion... Do people agree on PAF Pro/Reg PAF combo?
^ PAFS are great, they stay really articulate at higher gain settings, just make sure your amp can dish it out though.
Cool cool. I really don't know much about DiMarzio's, so any more information is most welcome! How do they compare tone/EQ-wise, etc, to the EMG and Bareknuckles?