Meh, Micheal Bay made all the characters look different. Plus, its directed by Micheal Bay. So it just has 'crap' written all over it.
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The fact that bumblebee wont be a VW is pretty gay. Im looking forward to this movie, but why the **** do they have to make everything so commercial it changes the entire substance of it?
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What on earth is SRV?
I was really excited about this movie too.......... then I saw that Shia LaBeouf was in it. I'm still going to see it but I just know it's not going to live up to the expectations that so many of us have had about a new Transformers movie.
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Yeah, I'm pumped about it! I know they look different, I suppose he's trying to make them look like an "updated" style. What other movies has Micheal Bay directed? Steven Spielberg is backing him up on this one though.
im not really a transformers fan but that movie looks bad freakin ass!!!
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remember UG march 8&9, 2007 i was there.
Looks really slick but kinda bollocky.
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