basically i own a fender strat american and i played a gig last night and it fell to the floor from the strap. when i come to pick it up i find to my horror that there a consistent straight crack down the back of the neck down the spine which starts at about the 3rd fret and goes down to about the 12th. it looks like its not much almost like someone has got a kitchen knife and lightly scratched down it but i am pretty upset about this as i care for my guitar more than i do for most people. does anyone know of anything that i can do to try and fix this or somewhere i could go to get it fixed?
Do you have any pictures of the crack? If it starts causing problems, you could get a replacement neck from ebay or something, I guess.
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wear straplocks next time

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i would get a very fine sanding paper and lighty sand the neck and mabey get some wood polish to put on it,
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wear straplocks next time

Yeah, I don't get why people don't. It costs £8 or so and saves your £700 axe.

Your Strat should be fine if the crack ain't too big, just probably wouldn't gig with it again. However, the beauty of Strats is that the neck is replacable. It's not like damaging a Gibson neck, it's not the end of the road for the guitar.
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1) get a new neck off ebay
2) get some straplocks
3) be more careful.

Project guitar has some tutorials on sorting neck cracks, search around for them. And buyy straplocks.