Yo guys, got a few questions for I need aswered. I've been wanting to try and learn how to play the bass for some time but just now got the balls and money to get a beggining Ibanez bass. I've only been playing/learning for a few weeks and I've already started to get frustrated.

One, I was having some frett buzz but I think I fixed that by raising the action on the E string. Still get some, just not nearly as bad. My questions are, would you get more buzz if you play harder, like acenting notes and is it normal for your fretts to click when you frett a note? When the string hits the frett, depending on how fast and hard I frett the string, it will click. This clicking is what is bothering me the most as I have no idea if it's normal as I think its not normal.

Is my technique bad and I just need to improve it? Action to high? I know the neck is not warped or anything. Any thoughts?
You just have bad technique. You'll learn to fret smoother, but it's going to take practice. Just keep at it for a few years and you'll see some improvement.
Thanks man. I had a feeling it was my technique. Frett smoother, in other words don't frett the string so hard down then.
Try coming down and reading the bass forum, you'll find a lot more helpful answers there. It's probably bad technique, it's only been a few weeks. Keep at it and you'll see an improvement.
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