does anyone know what tool's playlist is on there current tour? I am getting tickets and want to know if they are going to play any of there older stuff. also if anyone has seen them, how was it?
theres a massive Tool ONLY thread on this page.
tho to answer your question, they've been playing Swamp Song every so often, apart from that and Sober, it'll most likely be all off the last 3 albums.

EDIT: sorry, i almost forgot - they've also played Opiate recently.
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tool is amazing. i saw them at the tweeter center in mansfield, ma. back in the fall. they played a little bit of everything. they also did some long jam sessions. but the light effects is what really is amazing. They have a totally white stage that they project images on, lasers, etc. The higher up you are from the stage, the better. Tool isn't a jump around kind of band. The music and effects do all the talking at the show. Enjoy your show man, it'll be one that will stick with you for a long time.
yeah, but they've always had screens, ever since Aenima, so i'd be surprised if they dropped them now. anywho, this should be discussed in the Tool thread