Hello. I'm not a newbie at the classical guitar, and I have taken lessons, and proper instruction before, however I currently don't have much funds available to afford any more private lessons. However I was thinking on buying some good classical guitar books, which would help me improve in my sight reading, expanding repertoire, and technique. Can anyone recommend any good books for me or other resources? Thanks for reading.
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Technique book wise, I use the carlevaro studies, which are great. There are four volumes, wach addressing a different area of technique, and you work through different forms from really easy to really really hard.

I found this on google, never used it, but it looks ok for music to try. http://www.classicalguitarmidi.com/

Sight reading, try just doing easy pieces, Vincent Lindsey Clarke's "simply" series are good, covering a range of styles, "simply spanish," "simply latin," "simply swing" etc.

For your repetoire, I guess you could learn your sight reading pieces really well. I go through stuff with my teacher, so I'm not sure what you'd do on that one.

Just out of interest what level are you at? Just cos I don't want to be patronising you cos I'm a 16 year old kid, been doing classical guitar for 6 years, but if your a professional or something I'm in no position to tell you stuff .
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Carlevaro books aren't much help for self-study. It really depends on your current understanding of classical guitar. Does it allow you to study it largely yourself? Or do you still require significant guidance? You have to give a detailed description of your present level for anyone to make suitable suggestions.

There are tons of books on pieces, scales/exercises, technique study and some abstract concepts on learning the instrument. What exactly is your aim and goal?