i heard and read that fingering the notes on an upright bass is done only with 1st, 2nd and 4th fingers. is this true? if so, why, does it give any practical advantage to playing?
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Well, tht would be difficult considering that you play with your whole finger and not the tip.

I only use my 1st and 2nd fingers on the upright, I've never heard or seen anybody use their 4th finger.
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i use all four.....
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I use 1 3 and 4 (with other supported the higher fingers) on lower notes and use all of them the higher up I go on the neck. Its harder to use all 4 each for a different note because of the distance and strength needed.
i use my third finger to reinforce the 4th.....that may be what you are reffering to?
Upright bass uses the 3-finger system (as opposed to one finger-per-fret on the electric); you can either do it 1-2-4 or 1-3-4, whichever is more comfortable for you. Generally 1-3-4 is the best, and you can reinforce it with your middle finger as well if it helps. The 3-finger system is used because upright basses have longer scale lengths, making the 4-finger system nearly impossible, and certainly hazardous to your hands.
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Using four kinda hurts. and my teacher allways yelled at me whenever i used the middle
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