I want to get a bass guitar, and up till now I've only played six strings. I was just wondering, if I got a bass guitar, would a Spider II 1x12 75 watt amp be able to work with it. Obviously the tone wouldn't be optimal, but would it sound adequate? Would it be able to play the tonal range of a bass?
if you hooked it up to a proper bass amp yes.
but without that no.
the speaker would blow.
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I cant believe how many people ask this question. Its quite funny. But yer unless you play at very quiet levels it will damage it.
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if your quiet then you *should* be alright.

but i dont exactly advise it, getting a cheap bass amp until you can get a decent bass amp would be the best bet.
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wow wat kind of idiot would plug a bass into a guitar amp

One who can't afford a proper bass amp yet? Provided the volume's not too high it won't cause any (major, anyway) problems.
A Spider II isn't even a good guitar amp, what makes you think it would be good for bass? Unless it has a closed back speaker housing then don't do it.
wow wat kind of idiot would plug a bass into a guitar amp

Lemmy from Motorhead, Jaco Pastorious, etc. etc....
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wow wat kind of idiot would plug a bass into a guitar amp

More people than you'd think. Its not like you can help it, I didn't know every single thing about bass guitar when I first picked one up, nor did anyone else here.
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Personally i wouldn't plug anything into a spider II but yeah you could plug your bass into it just don't turn it up.
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Really don't do it. I tried a bass through a Spider II once for a laugh (it wasn't my amp) and it sounded terrible beyond what I thought possible.