Well, my friends seat just got stolen by "The Black Kid".

I just don't know what to do. What is this county coming to.

Again, I'm not racist, but he is. (the black kid)
Excuse me?
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sounds like time fo a lynchin!
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I think it's sick to force kids to take part in hate mongering and sick for spoonman to think its right for any adult to throw anything at a child.
that sounds pretty racist to me.

if it was any other kid, you wouldnt have made a thread about it.
dude that does sound racist

though i dont realy understand what your saying
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why is he the black kid? Is there only one?
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Yeah, I'm definitly racist. The kid that calls me a cracker when all I do is be nice to him.
I can't see why this merits the creation of a thread. Someone took your friends seat, and that someone happens to be black. What point are you trying to make? If he's a dick head, then that's what he is. I see no reason to include race.
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sounds like time fo a lynchin!

Threadstarter is nmot rascist, the black kid is calledc the black kid, this spoonmand dude sounds rascist!
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why is he the black kid? Is there only one?

in that case his name would be Token
if he calls you cracker then thats racist calling him black aint racist imo

The whole counties gone insane cos some randomers dont agree over whose seat is whose!

I pity you for making this a thread!
Well, my friends seat just got stolen by "The Black Kid".

couldnt you of jus said, 'Well, my friends seat just got stolen by some stupid/random kid' ?
y have you even made a thread about this
I don't get it? Like he took a chair at lunch or like stole a chair from his house?

I don't see anything wrong with saying "the black kid". I don't know what the black population is in Indiana, it could be low. If he didn't know the kid's name and there are only a few black kids at your school then it seems like a perfectly acceptable way to describe who stole his chair. It's just like he said "the red headed kid" stole his chair. It's a description. How broad it is really depends on where you live.
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ok, that sucks, but what's your point?

Still, I don't get why people are called black and white. It's pretty obvious people aren't black and white, they're brown, or yellow, or pink, or green, or blue. And more than that...