I just went ahead and got one, man. I love it though! This thing is wild... I wanted the Dunlop Heil due to it's long list of professional users. However, looking at how I'd need to buy a seperate pre amp, plus $20 for the name, I went for the Rocktron. I like the Gain control feature. Lets you adjust the growl, amongst the other features.

It hooks up through my pedal loop guitar>amp. I just feel a Frampton, Bon Jovi, Slash, and Adam Jones vibe in here now... check it out.

one last thing.... I wanted to know if I have the sequence right.

I have the loop amp>guitar loop set up like this: guitar>TalkBox>wah>whammy>tuner>amp

And the FX loop: send>phaser>tremolo>delay>return

looks good?
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I used to have the Rocktron Banshee, it's a great talk box for the price. Have fun with it. The way you have your rig setup looks good. The only thing I'd change, I'd have the whammy before the wah, but really doesn't make too big of a difference in that situation.