No I'm not asking how to get faster. I've been using 1234, and a bunch of other exercises every day for the past few weeks to try and up my speed, and I've definitely noticed that I can play quicker, but not that much. Just wondering how long it took people to get blazing fast speed you hear for example with Paul Gilbert.
I hate to say this because its not very helpful but it takes as long as it will take. Everyone gets faster at different times, some learn quicker, you just have to give it time and keep practicing to the best you can. Keep it up and you'll notice a big difference. One thing to do is try a solo that you think is crazy hard. Go at it in bits, by the time you nail the timing on each part, you'll realise that you can play the whole thing, and your speed and accuracy will have improved. Hope that helps!
Well then in that case, can anyone recommend a solo or song that is fairly fast but that doesn't have a lot of technical things?
Megadeth - shewolf (solo finale)



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the best way to get blazing fast is just time and practice. i used to practice and hour or two a week, but since last summer or so when i started getting uber seriousii have moved up to practicing 3-6 hours a day, and i have been getting pretty damn good if i do say so myself :p
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If by gigantic bends you mean like 1.5 step, then try Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses. The beginning is easy but once you get to the middle, it starts going really fast. If you can't do even 1 step easily, try Stairway to Heaven. It has a few bends in the beginning, and it's pretty fast.
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Mr crowley solos are kick ass.
Crazy train solo is preety easy.
SMoke on the water solo is VERY easy but check it out if you dont already know it.
Scarified (racer x) is a nice song. ½ of it is not very fast but it gets speedy later.
Mostly 16th notes at 138bpm and some triplets at times.
Eruption = classic.

Oh and i know how it feels when you just want to get some speed.
You just forget everything and just concentrate on one thing. DONT DO THAT.
Practice everything ESPECIALY the things you find hardest.
Lets say you having problems with bends right ? Practice them alot instead of not playing them. Those little things will annoy you as hell when you progress.
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As typical as it is, sweet child o mine is a very good one because of the variations in speed and the use of hammer ons, pull offs and bends. Its a good starting place. Also, there are very noticable sections to the solo, so its good to practice in parts.