Please check out my band, The Deluge of Djinn (Flood of Evil), and add us as a friend! Spread the word as well, thatd be cool. We only have some vocals on Fire in Carpathia, but we will add vocals to Militaristic Impalement once we finish the lyrics. Also, when my income tax comes in im buying 3 SM57 mics and we will have professional quality recordings. Thanks in advance, hope you like it!

sm57s wont give you pro quality recordings, to burst your bubble =(

but nice stuff, I like
Itll give me close to it though :P Ive played around with them before. them coupled with Cubase or Nuendo...<3 Thanks! You guys should all add us lol
cubase for professional quality? ummm... I dunno... but hey whatever's easiest for you =D

you should pick up a few pop filters while you're at it too ;-)
Hey, not bad at all, and I see you guys are from Rhode Island. Pretty sick, so am I. Let me know if you guys are doing any shows in the area. Wouldnt mind having a listen live
Sweet! What part of Rhode Island? We are playing at a Battle of the Bands on April 27th, if youd like to come. Add us, so we can let you know if we are playing somewhere at an earlier date
I'm from West Greenwich (hicktown) so a little ways away, but seriously, its Rhode Island. Nothing is that far away.

I added you guys on myspace. I've noticed there seems to be a rather large pool of talent in Rhode Island as far as hard rock, metal and hardcore bands go.
Really? I havent seen ANYONE at all...We live around the Pawtucket North Providence area, theres like no one here..Only ghetto kids and what not.
Well apparently us hicks are doing something right. I sent you a few bands from around my area that at least decent.
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Lol I dont have that much money for now.

Pop filters are the screens that go over the mics, right?

You can make one by sliding a pair of nylons over a coat hanger.

As for your shows, I'd go, but I'm in Massachusetts and I have no ride.
Good Work dude...

Btw, if you need a Second Guitarist (over Internet only.. sorry! ) I'd be glad to do it!
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