haha really i think i did.. it was an old song but i played it acoustic and changed the chorus to a different key. i really like it, please tell me what you think..


click my music, than in motion acoustic excerpt.. its only 1 verse n chorus i played but u get the idea. And oh yea, i know i ****ed the rhythm to some of the chorus thanks. Overlook that please.
its ok but theres no life in it1 but i kinda like it
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yeah this is just an acoustic version. It would sound better with some nice lead fills, but im not to good at lead.
i think it would be a lot better if you re-recorded this bad boy with your guitar a little bit more in tune. i like the singing a lot, just tighten things up a little on the guit.
i really like this

i reckon if you could give it some proper studio time and with a full-band setup this could be a class song, the singings good, and i really like the "in motion" bit at the end of the chorus

so yeh, keep it up, hopefully sometime you could get it properly and fully done and i'm sure it wud be brilliant

any chance of a crit back? My Song


keep it up man