hey guys, once again im looking for more amp advice.

Now i know everyone is going to tell me to go for a tube amp, but i really do not want to go with a used amp and i dont like the cheap tube amps i've tried out (peavey Valveking, B52 at).

The kind of music i play is mostly hardcore/metalcore, but a great clean channel is also nice, and i also play some emo stuff. Tone by bands would be anything from Between the Buried and Me, August Burns Red, norma Jean, Underoath, to taking back sunday, matchbook romance, fall out boy even tho they suck. im most looking for a hardcore tone, but im not in a band right now so i want to make sure i have a versital enough of an amp incase i end up in a emo band or something, i want to still have a good tone.

My requirements are atleast a 2X12 and must be loud enough to gig in a failry big building, so probibally 100 watt solid state minimum.

These are the amps im considering, and have played with quite a lot

Vox Valvetronix 100watt 2X12
Randall G3 200 watt 2X12
Randall G2 2X12
Peavey Valveking 2X12
Hughes & Ketter Matrix 2X12?
B 52 At 2x12
Fender FM 2x12

So far my favorite has to be the Vox Valvetronex. Does anyone have any amps in the 600 dollar range i've missed playing. I want to get a solid state just because im a 17 year old part time worker and don't always have the money, and also want someting with an warinty incase something goes wrong, i can't throw the money away. i've had bad expierence with used stuff and i dont want it to be on my guitar amplifier ether. Basically im open for anyones comments on the subject.

I play a Schecter C1 Plus and plan on eventually changing the Pups to a Emg 81-85 set someday...
dude try at roland 20X cube its 20 volts. there cheap about 125-150 bucks. there pretty reliable. it's pretty sweet. that's what i play with. i play hardcore / metal too.
thanks for reading this.


Get a Randall G3, homie.

Go Randall, or go the F#%$ Home.
Heh...if you're worried about reliability, don't get a Valvetronix. They're made in Vietnam and are complete shite as far as the inner workings go. They'd be covered by warranty, but still a PITA.
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Quote by GenmathePanda


Get a Randall G3, homie.

Go Randall, or go the F#%$ Home.


seriously, a used peavey 5150 COMBO. would be a good option for you. the cleans arn't that bad on the combos and great loud tube distotion.

but of the ones on the list the b 52 would probably be the best.
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Don't know why you're considering a Valveking and a B52 if you say you don't like them but oh well.

Anyway have a look at the Fallen Angel half stack.
I have never had the chance to play a FAllen Angel, i've heard about reliability issues with them, how serious are they??

I also plan on playing The G3's some more mabye this weekend, so hopefully i'll get alot of practice with them. Im still considering a valveking and b52 just because i've made the mistake of playing mesa's while i cant afford them or have that great of an amp, so i know i wont have the best tone ever.

Im more-less looking for something gigable to get me by untill mabye college when i can afford a mesa stack, so i want something that'll last and be a stepping stone. thats' why im unsure about going used unless if i knew the owner of the amp and knew they kept the amp in good shape, because i cant just dish out 500 bucks like it's nothing and have an amp crap out on me in a year..but yeah a new one could do that too. It'd be easier if the holidays were just around the corner but of course there not but oh well.

Anyone have expierence with putting a OD infront of a Valveking, does that rev up the distortion, i found it not to be the kind of distortion i liked when i played it.

Also, B52's, i only got to play one of them for mabye 10 mins, and it was at guitar center of all places, wasn't to fond of the distortion, should i give them a more in-deph look