So, I've heard many good things about these little amps and I am in the market for a practice/recording amp. Can someone comment on what type of tone these put out? Unfortunately, the local music shops in my area don't carry these and I would have to mail order it. I hate to mail order without hearing. Some sound clips would be nice if there are any avaialble. Thanks all.
The stock tone is pretty much rubbish. There's some screaming design flaws, but they're very easy to fix. You spend $10 in parts and get a great little amp.

There's typically two avenues of mods, fenderizing mods and marshallizing mods. Here's a site with a couple clips of the Marshall flavor by a fellow UG-er. http://www.freewebs.com/affectronix/valvejuniorplus.htm

For the Fender mods, think a more bright sound with better clean room.
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It's British voiced and rather dark sounding, but the fact that it's easily moddable is one of it's selling points. LuthierOfTexas has some soundclips in his sig (last time I looked).
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^ True! Very dark indeed. It isn't incisive, but rather, it's throbbing and constant. It isn't heavy on treble, and is rather bassy. I've found I can get quite close to Dick Dale's tone on "Misirlou", actually....
Thanks all. Dark sounding is fine with me. So, just how much overdrive can you get out of it? Maybe like a Fender Pro Junior? Maybe and older AC DC type of overdrive? I had a Fender Pro Junior that was just perfect for my style of overdrive around the 3 o'clock position.
Theese are great amps. I recomend the following:
-an equalizer pedal-a danelectro fissh n chips does the job well for $30
-a weber micromass-an absolute must have for that acdc tone at reasonable levels $70
-Some kind of boost(not a distortion pedal) I find the DOD overdrive preamp perfect for pushing that smooth natural distortion over the edge. Very close to a ts808 at only $40

I don't see any reason why you cant get any tone out of theese that you want, especialy with some of the mods out there.
^ What settings do you put your Fish&Chips at?

AC/DC? Almost, but less gritty. The overdrive is very bassy and retro. The amp sounds like an old 50's Gibson, and pre-ww2 Epiphone's. It's a fun amp if you like blues/retro classic stuff. However, to reach the natural overdrive, you'll have to turn the volume all the way up, which is incredibly fecking loud....
i round down the tone a little on my guitar an increase the the treble mids and the really low frequencys but clut the bass mid and slightly boost the treble. And a bridge humbucker helps. No overdrive pedal or anything. Just how the pwer attenuator on and crank the amp to 11
oh,, i just understood what you were asking for. I gave you an acdc sound. I usualy have a little bit of mid scoop. Boost the bass just a little and boost the treble just a little, and lower the level. I use that for a nice alternative sound with the amp at at about 5 o clock. I use a DOD overdrive preamp to boost it over the top for a smashing pumpkins sound, or i roll back the volume on my guitar for a nice clean with a hint of bight.

And i meant 5 oclock for the acdc sound not 11. foregot what a clock looked like
I just wanted to add that I've been playing this amp to some Pearl Jam, through my TS-808 reissue, and through the Tubescreamer, it sounds AMAZING! I'm in love with the tone, it's just great.
yeah, no tube amp test is complete without a tubescreamer i reckon
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yeah, no tube amp test is complete without a tubescreamer i reckon

Sounds pretty nice with my OD, a Marshall Bluesbreaker II. Overall, a good amp to have.
The sad thing is, this amp really isn't for everyone. It has a specific tone, a retro one at that! It's got that 50's thing going on. Not terribly versatile, but I've gotten (with me Tubescreamer) everything from a VERY convincing Dick Dale to a tone that was a few steps removed from Pearl Jam, to a Beatles-esque thing, and so on. It sounds great, with my Tubescreamer. It's bluesy enough for me, and it's tone is pretty rich and "toneful", which makes it more acceptable that it doesn't turn me into Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kirk Hammett, Jerry Cantrell, Mike McCready, etc... Overall, if you like bluesy tone, it's great. In the end, though, I think people who are more into rock/metal who are getting their first amp might as well just grab the Roland, for this amp will leave those folks very disappointed, despite it's tubeness.