Hey, we're a 4 piece rock/indie band out of the suburbs of Buffalo.
Check out some of our songs here and let us know what you think, thanks!
I enjoy music.
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you're allright i guess just not my style. your drummer however isn't steady he still needs a bit of work.
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constructive : your guitars tones need a lot of work, and ur drummer needs to stay on time.
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Ever heard of Minus the Bear? You guys know what your doing, but it is completely unoriginal.

Edit: Also, bands such as "Pedro the Lion", "Moth", and "Park". I've played with those last two bands, and they sound in every way shape and form, just like your band. That's not a compliment though. Indie seems to ALWAYS have the same sound. That's why it sucks in my opinion.
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i am familiar with a few of those, and i'm just wondering whether or not you have ears?

and you cannot talk to me about originality when your band is another one of the 987692364 shitty imitation unoriginal screamo shit bands who do seek to make music or art, but only to try and fit in with the trends. not exaclty a worthy critic i should say.
I enjoy music.
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Ears? Dude, i'm not trying to be a prick or anything, although I tend to come off as one a lot. haha.

What separates your band from them? Honestly, I want to know what your thinking is different.
wow, getting irritated are we? haha.

1. Don't expect someone to like your band.
2. Your on an internet forum site.
3. I was never in a Screamo band.
4. Even if I was, I wouldn't bitch and moan like your doing right now, because somebody is
trying to give you a heads up.
I didn't think they sounded like Pedro the Lion. But as for Minus the Bear, Swami sounds like a less intricate version of their music. Try some different tones with the guitar. The drum part sounded really simple and boring.