k so ive been using the tabs on the site aswell as watching others on youtube to see how the song is played. the only part im not sure of is the intro.

the tabs say:

however, on the very well played youtube videos, they do it as a bend. and from what i can tell(tho hard to see in the videos), play it like this:


(i hope i tabbed that right, bend down, then back up and pick again.)

i wanted to ask, what you all thought was the correct way. from what i can tell and hear from the song, it sounds like a bend, but then again it sometimes also sounds like just playing it normally..

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I'm pretty sure that it's actually played as single notes with varying degrees of bends, are you talking about the first 30 seconds? I think those are harmonics of some kind. Unless you're talking about when the band kicks in then those are single notes, two on the 6th string and instead of the pair of 5's just hit the open D string. I think. Definately not power chords though, you can hear the difference when the actual power chords come in at the "It's not enough, i need more" part.
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ya the part when the band kicks in. the very first part i think is danny on drums or something. im talking about right after that, when the feedback starts to kick in and then the whole band plays.
yeah its a bunch of random interval bends

1/4 step, 1/3 step, and i think he even goes to a half step bend.