Alright.. so

I will be getting a reverb pedal soon... My question is this.

I will be running..

Guitar > Metal Zone > Reverb Pedal > Amp

During the same song, for almost all of my bands material, I am required to have:
clean sound with nice reverb
disorted tone with no reverb
lead channel with distortion and reverb.

Is there any way I can achive all of this live without having to pedal dance like crazy? Because at the moment, thats what I've been doing. Is there any sort of like... selector switch that I can program it to have those 3 combonations mentioned before?

I will also need to get some sort of boost for my leads... Any recommendations for that?

Any help will be greatly apprechiated. Thanks in advance.
Put them right next to each other, and step on the both at the same time. It's not an insane dance or anything, it's just two pedals. Although this may sound kinda mean, just deal with it.
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It's not rocket science, step on the ones you need each time, you're gonna' have to do some pedal dancin.
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Be creative with your pedal dancing. Maybe come up with an Irish Jig?

haha thanks for the laugh xD

good idea though lol.

although yeah i think you're just gotta look like a fool lol
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